La Sardina de Candás Festival: a gastronomic festival of “prao” overlooking the Cantabrian Sea


Grilled sardines, Candás Sardine Festival (Asturias)

The Sardine Festival in Candás (Asturias) is a gastronomic tribute to this humble fish. During the same year, tons of grilled sardines are consumed (especially, but also in empanada and tortilla) and a jury of experts chooses the restaurants that best prepare it, granting the Golden, Silver and Bronze Sardine.

The fishing tradition comes from afar, because in the fishing village of Candás, up to 12 canning industries coexisted, mainly sardines and bonito. In fact, at the beginning of the twentieth century the price of the beautiful in Candula's roller fixed the price of the beautiful for the entire Cantabrian.

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So much was its importance that many Basque sailors arrived at the port of Candás and it is a fact that more than one and two fell in love with candasinas and settled here.

There is even the theory that the beautiful pot that those sailors prepared here, those who returned home at least, is at the origin of the famous Basque marmitako. And no, I do not intend to enter into controversies with our neighbors of the Cantabrian Cornice, good sailors and good gourmets them.

Sardines at the Candás Sardine Festival (Asturias)

The Sardine Festival has its origin in an initiative of SOFECA, the local society of celebrations, to encourage local festivities of San Felix. It has been held in Candás every August 1 since 1970 and symbolically reflects the dependence, the relationship, of this fishing village with this product of the sea.

From 1970 to 1998, the Candás Sardine Festival was held at the fishing pier and only grilled sardines and cider were served. The increase in the number of visitors made it move in 1999 to its current place, the Paseo de San Antonio.

As you can see in this video, the great green area near the sea is a party:

Magali told me, the mamma After the Brisas Candasinas restaurant, if you want a special flavor you have to try the sardines cooked on a charcoal plate, being the only ones that have it.

And Magali knows a little about this, because she herself was sworn in the late 70s, when the sardines were eaten on the dock, standing, where it could be good.

Today the thousands of attendees at this party, almost one for each inhabitant of Candás, come with their blankets and cider boxes, or buy them here, for 25 Eur the bottle box of the typical beverage of Asturias.

Audience at the Candás Sardine Festival (Asturias)